Workman’s Compensation

A workers’ compensation investigation helps to the validity of a workman’s compensation claim. Unfortunately, people exaggerate the extent of their injuries or fail to tell the truth when filing a claim. A workman’s compensation investigation can verify honest claims and highlight dishonest ones. Workman’s compensation fraud is the exaggeration and/or fabrication of injuries that allow the worker to claim and receive workers compensation insurance that they are not entitled to.

Our workman’s compensation investigation may include:

  • Surveillance – Our investigators may use audio, video, and other types of surveillance to determine whether a worker is as injured as they claim.
  • Interviews – We may interview colleagues, friends, and family to try to find out how extensive the worker’s injuries are.
  • Background investigations – An investigation into a possible workman’s compensation fraud can include checking medical records and other records to determine whether a worker is truly injured. We may also run background checks to see whether a worker has filed numerous compensation claims in the past or has been convicted of workman’s compensation fraud in the past.
  • Evidence acquisition – Our investigators can gather evidence if they uncover workman’s compensation insurance fraud. This can help employers, businesses and insurance companies prosecute fraud and cut off workers compensation claims that are not legitimate.

Robert L. Kieffer, LPD is not only a licensed private detective but is also a licensed physician in the State of Illinois. He has over 40 years of experience in treating and examining patients with workman’s compensation and personal injury claims. With this type of experience, he has the edge on investigating workman’s compensation claims.

If you are an insurance company, run your own business, or otherwise are responsible for employees or workers, a workman’s compensation investigation can help ensure that each of the workers filing a workman’s compensation claim is entitled to the compensation they receive. If you are unsure about the validity of a workman’s compensation claim, contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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