A Surveillance Investigation is an investigation where a subject is monitored and usually recorded without their knowledge, to obtain information for a client. It can be very helpful in building a case such as a worker’s compensation or insurance fraud case. The investigator is hired to survey a subject that claims to be injured and is missing work. The investigator is able to go out and get video of the subject’s movements throughout the day. Sometimes the subject is caught on video working in the yard or working a 2nd job! A video investigation will assure the employer or the insurance company the validity of the claim.

One of the most popular types of surveillance investigations involves cheating spouses. If you suspect your spouse is being unfaithful, a surveillance investigation is one of the best ways to find out if your suspicions are right. The investigation can include still photographs or video taken in order to catch the suspected cheater in the act. It’s impossible to “deny” a photo!

A child custody case is also another type of investigation where a surveillance is necessary. If a parent is suspected of neglecting the child, drinking, or any other “bad behavior” while in custody of the child, then a private investigator should be hired to survey the parent. A video of their behavior and actions are essential in building a case to prove that parent “unfit” or that the child is in danger.

A good Private Investigator will have the ability to capture a good video or pictures to help get the proof you need. Our investigators at R7 have hundreds and hundreds of hours of experience at surveillance alone. We have several types of covert cameras which enable our investigators to follow their subject into a bar, restaurant or other establishments and get videos of the subject while inside. Robert L. Kieffer, LPD (aka R7) adheres to all Federal Privacy Laws.

When you need surveillance, R7 are surveillance specialists. We utilize cutting edge equipment and techniques to establish and complete the most difficult surveillance situations.

Here are several different types of surveillance including:



•Video Recording


They can all be used in conjunction with each other or may be used separately, depending on the investigation being conducted. However, there must be some type of surveillance documentation presented that would reflect what had occurred at a specific place, date and time. Below are a few of the investigations that we strongly recommend some form of surveillance documentation is utilized.



•Child Custody


•Workers Compensation


•Employment Investigations

•Personal Injury

•Marital Issues

•Employment Activity Checks

•Claims Investigations

•Hidden Cameras

•Theft Cases

•Personal Services

Again, we are not limited to any of the services listed above.  We are very flexible and can adapt to any situation that arises. We are more than willing to discuss and address any of your concerns.

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