Background Investigations

Background investigations can give you peace of mind before starting a professional or personal relationship.

Background Investigations allow you to find the truth about someone. We can provide detailed and accurate information about a subject by conducting a thorough background investigation. There are no “routine” background investigations, each investigation is tailored towards your needs to uncover the facts you desire.

We provide background investigations that are performed by licensed investigators to find information about an individual’s credibility and legitimacy.  Background investigations at times, involve reviewing criminal records, but can also involve examining driving records, and more personal information. Common reasons for hiring us for professional background investigations include:

  • Employee investigations: Not running employment background investigations can make you liable if an employee with a criminal record uses your business to commit crimes.
  • Caregiver investigations: According to some statistics, up to 14% of child abuse is attributed to caregivers such as nannies and babysitters. Caregivers cause a very high percentage of abuse of the elderly. Nanny background investigations can help you prevent tragedy.
  • Driving record investigations: Allowing a babysitter to drive around your kids? Hiring a driver for your company? Make sure they have a clean driving history before trusting them behind the wheel.
  • Criminal background investigations: Knowing whether someone you trust has a criminal background can protect you from crime and fraud.
  • Personal background investigations: Personal background investigations can also bring you peace of mind about a neighbor or a friends’ behavior.
  • Tenant investigations: If you will be subletting, renting, or otherwise allowing someone to stay on your property, tenant investigations can let you know how reliable and honest your would-be tenant really is.
  • Pre-employment investigations: A background investigation can let you know whom you are really hiring and can help alleviate potential legal or other problems.

If you have a need for a background investigation understand that each background investigation we provide is tailored to your needs. If you have more questions or would like to speak to us about how we can help you, call us today at 847-526-7727.

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