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Private InvestigatorsPrivate Investigators

Prior to hiring private investigators you should always verify that the Detective or Detective Agency is licensed by your State. Discretion and confidentiality should be of upmost importance. You want to engage private investigators with experience and knowledge of your type of investigation as well as demonstrating ingenuity, persistence, and assertiveness. Call R7 Investigations today at 847-526-7727 for a FREE case evaluation.
The private investigator must be able to confront, communicate well, and think on their feet. In-depth interviewing and interrogation skills also are important. Because the courts often are the judge of a properly detailed investigation, the investigator must be able to present the facts in a manner that the court will believe.
A face-to-face consultation is almost always desired with the client. Developing a good relationship with your investigator is important for communication and a successful investigation.
At R7 Investigations our investigators are not only experienced and professional, they are attentive listeners. We realize that some of our clients are in a very emotional state and we work hard to put you at ease. You will feel comfortable knowing that we are doing everything we can to get you the results you need.
R7 is dedicated to providing accurate information to each client in a timely and cost effective manner. Prior to the acceptance of a case, we provide an assessment of the probability of success and the anticipated cost. R7 is committed to ensuring our client’s confidentiality and providing only the most professional service. Call R7 Investigations today at 847-526-7727 for a FREE case consultation.

All investigations conducted by R7 are legal and confidential and comply with Federal and State Privacy Laws, including Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

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